The Earthseers

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The Earthseers is one of the Crafting guild on Blade and Soul.

Currently it requires 2 books to unlock all craftables.

This guild crafts 4 groups of items, Escape Charms, Polished Shells, Unsealing Charms and Revival Charms.

This guild also crafts two Special Charms and an item to finish tutorial quests (Purple), Purification Jar.


Special Charms are unlockable.

Banishing Charm requires Earthseers Secrets - Moonwater to be unlocked.

True Friend requires Earthseers Secrets - Silverfrost to be unlocked.

If you leave the guild after you unlock any of this, you will be reset to level 1 and all items locked again.

Escape Charms

Polished Shells

Unsealing Charms

Revival Charms

Special Charms

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