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Prologue, Sweet Dreams

This Main Quest part is intended to be a tutorial and introduce you to the backstory of the game. I will not explain it here. You will finish it with level 3.

Act 1. The Scarred

Chapter 1. A Close Call
You are now at Bamboo Village.
Follow the arrows in the map.

400 XP
3x Spring Water Healing Tonic

Chapter 2. Big Brother Do Cheonpung
Find the guy.
Kill a few pirates
Carry a wounded bamboo guard to the marked character and talk to him while carrying the guard.
Then go to the marked place and wait.

800 XP
3x Vegetable Dumpling

Chapter 3. Son of the Militia Captain
Follow the arrows until a red area is marked in the map.
You have to kill a Blackram Coastal Grunt to obtain a map of Blackram Raid Camp.
Keep following the arrows and talking to characters.
You have to kill the guards and free the guy in the cage.
Fire the cannon.
Defeat Captain Gwon.
Talk to the guy again.
Teleport to the Bamboo Village.
Go to the yellow start to finish the quest.

500 XP
Hongmoon Weapon(Class specific) - Stage 1

Chapter 4. The Lady Called Nam Soyoo
Stay where you finished the previous chapter. The Girl you have to talk to comes to you.
Talk to her. She will give you your first Soul Shield. Equip it.
Talk to her again.

Guard Training Soul Shield #1 (During Quest)
140 XP
2 Copper

Chapter 4. Savior
Head to the marked character. He is inside a house.
Talk to him.
Go to the marked place and inside the house. (Where you woke up in the beginning)
Talk with those two guys.
You now need to obtain 8x Young Sand Conch Extract by killing Young Sand Conch on the beach.
Then talk with the marked characters.


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