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The Force Master is a ranged class similar to wizards and magics in other MMORPG's. It has fire and ice skills mostly and no well defined combos (as most of other classes in game do), so it is widely classified as a 'easy-to-control' class. Although it is easy to control it is not easy to master, to balance that easy-to-control, this class has most of the time much lower hitpoints than other classes and a Force Master attacked stealthly will probably die in seconds. A Force Master survival is based on killing fast and evading attacks, some CC skills help too. This class also has helpful group defense skills.


This class is available in the following Races:

  • Gon
  • Lyn
  • Yun


This are the skills available to a fully developed Force Master followed by the default keybind:

Icon Skill Name Keybind Level Requirements
FM Blazing Palm I.png Flame Palm Left Mouse 1 N/A
FM Impact I.png Impact 1 1 N/A
FM Dragonchar I.png Dragonchar 2 1 N/A
FM Dragonwhorl I.png Dragonwhorl 4 1 N/A
FM Windwalk I.png Windwalk S1 N/A 1 N/A
FM Windwalk I.png Windwalk S2 N/A 1
FM Windwalk I.png Windwalk S3 N/A 1
FM Sprint I.png Sprint 2xW
1 Not in combat
FM Glide I.png Glide Space 1 On Air
FM Water Dash I.png Water Dash 2xW
On Water
Ride Dragon Pulse I.png Ride Dragon Pulse F 1
Near Dragon Pulse
FM Air Dash I.png Air Dash 2xW
During Glide
FM Vault I.png Vault Space 1
During sprint in front of an obstacle
FM Dive I.png Dive S 1
During Glide
FM Surge I.png Surge 2xW
On the ground after Dive
FM Wall Dash I.png Wall Dash N/A 1
Touching a wall during Sprint/Air Dash
FM Dash Right I.png Dash Right 2xD 1
Not snared
FM Dash Left I.png Dash Left 2xA 1
Not snared
FM Frost Palm I.png Frost Palm Right Mouse 3 N/A
FM Phantom Grip I.png Phantom Grip 4 4 N/A
FM Bolt Bash I.png Bolt Bash 1 4 During Phantom Grip
FM Phantom Push I.png Phantom Push 2 4 During Phantom Grip
FM Chi Bomb I.png Chi Bomb 4 6
After Shadow Grasp
FM Meteor Shower I.png Meteor Shower V 6
Fire Mode Stance
FM Frost Sheath I.png Frost Sheath V 6
Frost Mode Stance
FM Blazing Wall I.png Blazing Wall V 8 Fire Mode Stance
FM Frost Prison I.png Frost Prison V 10 Frost Mode Stance
FM Backstep I.png Backstep S 10 N/A
FM Short Fuse I.png Short Fuse C 10 Fire Mode Stance
FM Barrage I.png Barrage Left Mouse 10 During Glide, Jump or Dash
FM Retreat I.png Retreat F 12 While Knocked down, Dazed or Unconscious
FM Second Wind I.png Second Wind Tab 14 While Dazed, Stunned, Knocked down or Unconscious
FM Inferno I.png Inferno X 16 Fire Mode Stance
FM Frost Fury I.png Frost Fury F 16 After critical hit in Frost Mode Stance
FM Fire Fury I.png Fire Fury F 18 After critical hit in Fire Mode Stance
FM Antigravity I.png Antigravity 2 20 During Grappled, Grabbed or Phantom Grip
FM Frost Burst I.png Frost Burst Z 21 Frost Mode Stance
FM Cold Snap I.png Cold Snap Z 21 Frost Mode Stance
FM Frost Tornado I.png Frost Tornado X 21 Frost Mode Stance
FM Ice Coil I.png Ice Coil Z 22 Frost Mode Stance
FM Snowball I.png Snowball X 24 Frost Mode Stance
FM Blackout I.png Blackout 3 26 During Phantom Grip
FM Heatwave I.png Heatwave Tab 26 Fire Mode Stance
FM Fire Storm I.png Fire Storm Tab 28 Fire Mode Stance
FM Aerial Phantom Grip I.png Aerial Phantom Grip 4 28 On Airborne Target
FM Blaze Step I.png Blaze Step Q 30 N/A
FM Frost Step I.png Frost Step E 30 N/A
FM Drain I.png Drain 4 32 During Phantom Grip
FM Divine Veil I.png Devine Veil C 34 Frost Mode Stance
FM Frost Armor I.png Frost Armor Tab 36 Frost Mode Stance
FM Defrost I.png Defrost Tab 36 During Frost Armor
FM Devastate I.png Devastate Tab 38 During Phantom Grip
FM Wildfire I.png Wildfire Z 42 Fire Mode Stance
FM Rising Blaze I.png Rising Blaze Z 42 Fire Mode Stance
FM Windstorm I.png Windstorm F 44 On Knock down, Grappled or Airborne enemy
FM Dragonblaze I.png Dragonblaze F 45 With 3 Flame Orbit
Fire Mode Stance
FM Dragonfrost I.png Dragonfrost F 45 With 3 Frost Orbit
Frost Mode Stance
FM Dual Dragons I.png Dual Dragons F 45 With 3 Flame Orbit
With 3 Frost Orbit
FM Awakened Dual Dragons I.png Awakened Dual Dragons F 45 With 1 Flame Orbit or 1 Frost Orbit
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